Analytics for Marketers Playing the Long Game

Add context to Google Analytics, Search Console, and all your other charts.

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Signal Flare Screenshot
Signal Flare Screenshot
Five Stars

I’ve been looking for a tool like this for a long time.  Signal Flare is really going to help my clients see my results!

Brian Schoedell

Use Signal Flare as your marketing log book

Keep a record of your actions to see their effects over time.  Signal Flare will show you what you did, when you did it, and how it helped grow your business.


Record your notes
See Your Notes On Your Charts

See your marketing notes inside all your charts

Signal Flare puts context into your charts as annotations on your data.  You don’t need to change your dashboard because Signal Flare works with the tools you are already using.


See your notes inside your analytics

Signal Flare adds your context to yoru charts.  Your marketing log book appears as annotations in all your charts in all your existing tools.

See Your Notes On Your Charts

Differential analysis made easy

Quickly configure which notes you want to see on  your charts and measure how those actions have improved your metrics.

Differential Analysis Made Easy
Available in the Chrome Web Store
Five Stars

I love Signal Flare.  I can now see the history of my growth activities directly in my Google Analytics reports.

Lu Doan