Let your analytics tell your story

Do you harbor resentment toward your analytics? Are you afraid to show other people your results? Are you feeling anxious or shameful when you think about your metrics?
Take comfort, you are not alone. This is not your fault.
It’s going to be okay. We have a plan.
The problem with web analytics today is that it only tells half of the story. In fact it’s worse than that. Analytics is the end of the story. The last chapter. Your web analytics does nothing but shout spoilers at you. Everyone hates spoilers.
The narrative behind the data is missing because your analytics contain no context. And without context how can it inform your reasoning?
There are people in this world who love their analytics. They discover keen insights every time they look at the data. Those people who love their analytics learned a secret that they don’t share with anyone. They are doing pattern recognition in their heads.
They are aligning everything they know about the past with the measured results. They know the CEO was on a podcast last month. They know that Tuesdays are the email campaigns. They know when the SEO Agency updated the website.
Inside their heads they use this context to imagine the story behind the analytics. It’s an amazing skill. It’s how they always surprise us with their insights.
But even the best of them have memories that fail. It gets harder and harder to recall exactly what happened last month, last quarter, last year. When their recollections dim those insights are lost.
We built Signal Flare to make finding those insights easy for everyone.
Keep your notes in Signal Flare and we’ll help your analytics tell your story. Your complete story. With all your context right there inside your web analytics.