90 Days of Signal Flare and It’s Time To Get Serious About Marketing

The good news is that it’s never been easier to measure your online marketing. The bad news is that it’s never been harder to understand what parts of your marketing plan is working.

The data we are collecting with Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or Amplitude gives us a bunch of charts. These charts should help us find product market fit. Or at least, that’s what they promised.

But when you are starting out and your traffic is small, the law of small numbers has a big impact. Add in the complexity of a rapid iteration and your analytics become chaotic. There’s almost no hope that your analytics will be providing any sort of insight anytime soon.

But that’s okay. What we are doing in this stage of building our business is establishing the baseline. Recording the emergence of a pattern. Waiting for a signal to resolve out of the noise.

What’s most important right now is to build up a set of routine operations. A habit of practice that forms the basis upon which change can be measured.

Over the next few months we’ll document the Signal Flare Marketing activities to give you an idea of how you too can attract attention for your own SaaS company.