Journaling With Signal Flare

And now we get to the point: What’s with all this nonsense about Stoic Marketing?

In this period there was a culture of what could be called personal writing: taking notes on the reading, conversations, and reflections that one hears or engages in oneself; keeping kinds of notebooks on important subjects (what the Greeks called hupomnemata), which must be reread from time to time so as to re-actualize their contents.

Our greatest philosophers took care to write down and read over their own thoughts. The pursuit of wisdom must be a scholarly act. Uncommon knowledge requires reinforcement and this is as true today as it was in the past. Keeping good notes and using those notes to gain wisdom is how the stoics practiced their four virtues.

Stoic Marketing Journal

We built Signal Flare with primary purpose of making understanding our marketing data easier. Too often our charts were chaotic and our interpretation imperfect. It was this moment when we came to understand the the imperfection in our analysis was due to our own failings. We simply forgot the past and were left with mysteries instead of insight.

Also during this time, I was learning much about stoicism for the first time and kept hearing that I ought to be keeping a journal. A journal that I was meant to review to notice the changes in my thinking and gain wisdom from my lived experiences.

The parallels to my problem with forgotten marketing actions and the lack of wisdom being gained from our daily marketing actions suddenly became clear to me. Use Signal Flare as a Stoic Marketing Journal.

Keeping Good Notes

In order to evaluate later the lessons learned from actions today we need a record of those actions. And we need to see that record at the same time as we are measuring our results. This is exactly what Signal Flare does when you use it as a journal instead of an annotation tool.

Don’t go about trying to label your charts later. Instead simply write down what you are doing today and you’ll find you’ll not need to make special annotations later. Instead all of your relevant actions will automatically align with your results and the insight jump right out of the screen.

Signal Flare v2.0